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What We Do

An unresolved hiring situation can be costly. If you need to cut through the fog of candidate selection, with Emery you can feel confident and at ease. We deliver – the right talent when you need it.

Whether you need one person in Houston or ten on the East Coast, we can help. We provide consultants, consult to hire or permanent placement services to meet your unique requirements. From IT and finance to R&D and administration, no request is too small or complex.

What Do We Do? – Focus on Your Needs

We are known for our ability to accurately find the candidate who not only has the skills you are seeking, but will easily integrate with your culture and work environment whether you’re a traditional corporation or a campus-styled startup.

No matter the industry or position or location, we've got you.

Information Technology
Software/Software Product Development
Real Estate
Supply Chain
Research and Development

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How We Work – Streamlined Process, Measurable Value, Lasting Commitment

Year after year, major industry surveys reveal that over 75% of all companies, no matter the size or industry, consider finding the right talent and keeping the right talent to be “critical” or “urgent” issues that they struggle with. Talent gaps also contribute to business interruptions, project delays and loss of competitive edge.

At Emery, we’ve developed innovative and streamlined processes to respond efficiently to both sides of the hiring equation. We’ve been doing this for a long time and understand the key to a successful engagement is honoring the needs of client requests and candidates seeking opportunities.

Our processes let us easily adapt with a timely response to your requirements and allow us to offer competitive cost structures with measurable value, not to mention the ideal candidate.

What You Can Expect – Results

With Emery you can expect results. Our goal is to give you the edge. How? By connecting you with the high caliber, technically competent professionals you need to be a standout in your industry.

What We Do

The Emery Edge includes:

  • Personalized, collaborative service
  • Integrity and high professional standards
  • Extensive industry knowledge and experience
  • Exceptional talent and resource network
  • Comprehensive candidate review
  • Responsive, streamlined and cost effective hiring process
  • Proven reputation and track record (90% submittal to hire)

We see the hiring process as a long-term commitment between you, us and the candidate you select. Unlike others, we follow-up with proactive communication, sound management and measurable value well beyond the hire to ensure your satisfaction.

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Ashley Preston and The Emery Company demonstrate the finest qualities of a great business relationship and consulting/permanent placement firm.

  • Ashley and her team have a true concern for the needs of the customer
  • They are responsive and timely when it comes to requirements or requests put to them
  • Their recruiting reflects a clear understanding of the assignment and the skills necessary to meet the project needs
  • Their consultants are of the highest caliber both professionally and personally
  • Their cost structure is more than competitive

Their personal, hands on approach to the work and the account is both very real and refreshing. In all, Emery and Ashley Preston have proven to be a real value and provide a measurable benefit.

I would recommend Emery and Ashley Preston to any firm with consulting and permanent placement needs that is looking for a unique, genuine and productive long term business relationship.

Steven J. McNeely
Senior Vice President – Deployment Services at Paymetric
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"Far" is the Catalan word for lighthouse. Located on a dangerous part of the coast noted for fierce and lashing winds, the keepers of Capdepera saved many lives, enough to be decorated by the Spanish government in 1869. It was also featured in one of singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat’s most famous songs. Like the lighthouse keepers, the Emery team is dedicated to service and available to help 24/7.

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Is this you? If you’re overwhelmed by the hiring process or just don’t have the time for endless interviews, there is a better way. Here’s how it’s done.

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