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Our Approach

We listen – to you and our candidates. It’s how we satisfy both sides of the hiring equation and find the right talent match over 90% of the time.

We’ve spent 40 years honing our selection process, The Emery Equation. Our time-tested formula is based on what works – paying close attention to our client’s needs as well as the human being behind the online persona and skill set of our candidates.

“Back to Basics” Approach – Step by Step

Technology has forever changed the way we connect, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to spend one-on-one time with a candidate, a crucial cornerstone of the hiring process. Some individuals can look great in the virtual world, but not so much in reality.

Our approach is to “do the work” of a rigorous, in-depth candidate review and ONLY present the best fit. It takes many steps to truly get to know a candidate, steps that we are more than willing to take. Why? Because we know that’s what brings results.

To ensure we present quality, fully-vetted professionals who are the ideal fit for your technical objectives, culture and environment, we take extraordinary steps that include a Total Marketplace Search and Comprehensive Candidate Review.

Total Marketplace Search

We harness technology to efficiently execute a multi-channel market search that includes our robust internal candidate and referral database as well as numerous external resource pipelines.

Emery also draws upon our long-term relationships with an extensive network of top tier, team-oriented individuals who have successfully produced results for our clients. From developers, technical specialists and program/project managers to CIOs, CFOs and marketing professionals, we cover every discipline. All with strong track records proven over years of successful engagement.

Comprehensive Candidate Review

Our recruiters conduct a thorough face-to-face interview and qualify all candidates before any client introductions. This allows us to garner information about personality as well as “hard” and “soft” skills that may not be found on resumes, but are significant for the hiring company.

We verify the competency and skill set of every candidate with an extensive evaluation by Emery subject matter experts in conjunction with our technical testing alliances.

Our comprehensive review of key criteria includes:

  • Pre-screen and In Person Interviews
  • Competency Verification
  • Technical Capabilities Testing
  • Cultural and Workplace Compatibility Evaluation
  • Social Intelligence and Communication Skills
  • Criminal Background Check and Drug Testing
  • Full Reference Check

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"Simply put, if I need top talent, my first contact is Ashley. Without fail, she presents candidates that are qualified, intelligent, articulate, and hit the ground running. Ashley makes the extra effort to completely understand the environment that the prospect is going to work in and the people that they will engage with so as to determine the right fit professionally as well as culturally. No one I have worked with in this profession produces the consistent excellent results that Ashley does, with a smile."

Dennis M. Conley
Manager, Project Management Office
Ascend Performance Materials
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Is this you? If you’re overwhelmed by the hiring process or just don’t have the time for endless interviews, there is a better way. Here’s how it’s done.

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